RAI Estimation System is a cost estimation software application for construction projects such as buildings, roads, infrastructure and marine works. RAI stands for Resources, Activities and Items symbolizing the simple three step process to successful cost estimation for any project. RAI Estimation System can be used by project estimators helping them easily store and retrieve information related to project estimation most importantly: resources, activities and standard bill of quantity items.

Easy to use...
User friendly interface with drop down menus and powerful filters.
Powerful search functionality using wildcards.
One click export and import to/from MS Excel.
Currency conversion capabilities.

Cures all your estimation headaches...
Simple three step process for cost estimation by first entering resource costs, followed by costing activities, and finally allocating resources and activities to BOQ items for a final cost figure.
Libraries are maintained conveniently for resources, activities and standard BOQ items.
Indirect costs and overheads are handled through a separate bill.
Overhead and profit margin markup can be performed in different ways depending on the type of project (lump-sum or remeasured) providing flexibility for users.
Ability to move easily between forms by double clicking relevant fields enabling easy modification or access to data sources.

First class reporting...
Comprehensive reports on project resources categorized by manpower, equipment, material, subcontractor.
Comparison sheets for subcontractor/supplier quotations.
Price breakdown for each BOQ item.
Detailed cost analysis of each BOQ item.
Detailed analysis of project activities.

and many more...